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about us

ASIA GROUP as a group company was established in 1999, is located in China,Tianjin, has the largest in North China seaport, specializing in a variety of aluminum and steel products. ASIA GROUP included ASIA ALUMINUM(BAZHOU)CO., LTD, ASIA(HONGKONG) STEEL CO., LIMITED, APOLLO(TIANJIN) TRADING CO., LTD, BONDSIN METAL (MYANMAR)CO. ,LTD, BONDSIN TRADING(THAILAND)CO., LTD.



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    Introduce of Aluminum Billet

    Aluminum billet is a kind of aluminum product. The melting and casting of aluminum billet includes melting, purification, impurity removal, gas removal, slag removal and casting process. The Primary aluminum billet is formed by adding other components directly according to the brand through the p...

  • 08-03 2022

    What happens to the temperature in industrial a...

      The extrusion temperature of industrial aluminum profiles is an important process parameter in the extrusion production process. In order to reduce the deformation resistance of the metal and reduce the extrusion pressure, it is necessary to inc...

  • 08-02 2022

    What are the differences between different type...

    Ordinary aluminum pipe is a pipe type material extruded from an aluminum alloy mold after being heated by an aluminum alloy cast rod at a high temperature. 1. Ordinary aluminum tube. Ordinary aluminum pipes do not undergo any surface treatment. Th...

  • 08-02 2022

    What causes the opening of the aluminum profile...

     The aluminum profiles we produce will have some notches because they need to be combined or installed with accessories. These notches will be too large during extrusion production, and if there are too many large ones, it will affect the use. So ...

  • 07-29 2022

    What are the aluminum profiles for photovoltaics?

    The photovoltaic industry uses a lot of aluminum alloy profiles, which mainly play the role of protection and support. Today we will introduce what are photovoltaic aluminum profiles and their functions. 1 Solar frame, also known as photovoltaic a...